We help local business take back control. And keep their profits !

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Our Goal

Star Eats goal is to share the knowledge of the trade, together with true customer service. Customer Service on your time, NOT when is convenient.

Providing an affordable Online Ordering solution and great support for every single customer, been able to share reliable tools and information to help you run and growth your business. Builds long relationships which are the key.

With those high commissions businesses are going to go extinct if something doesn’t change.

Delivery companies like Uber, Postmates and Grub Hub are stealing their customer databases and destroying their profits with unsustainable fees.

We have searched and partnered with the right brands to provide you the best solutions available for your bottom line. Different solutions available to help your online ordering business profitable.

Star Eats helps Restaurants take back their profits.

We help local restaurants survive by giving them the tools that they need to take back control and see their analytics, differentiate themselves by knowing what is selling, and maximize the profit of their businesses. Our platform allows restaurants to have complete control with their own dashboard.

Our Values

The Begining

As an Executive Chef for many years, consulting and owning a restaurant in New York and Miami, give us the unique knowledge on what are the needs of the day-to-day operations. We know the pains, daily worries and joys. We’ve been there!

Our Service

The extra-long days, frustrated employees, inventory walking out the door and not been able to control the basic needs of your business. It is Crazy, we know the pressure. These days are so many tools available, and we are making it easy and affordable.

Let us Help, and make your hard work pay off !!