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  • No Cash, Card only , the most convenient payment method and it will be charged at the time that the restaurant accepts the order, and the customer will receive an email of confirmation.

    The payment methods depend on each business, so you can verify this information in their respective profiles.


  • Online payment (credit or debit card)

    When you choose to pay online:

    You can charge a credit or debit card to pay the amount of the order. This information is managed in a secure way; your data is not stored by us at anytime. (ii) Or you can select a credit or debit card that you have previously loaded.

    In either case, the amount is discounted when placing the order. In the event that the order is subsequently canceled – either by us, by the user or by the establishment -, the platform processes the return instantly, but the effective refund depends on the times stipulated according to the policies of each card issuing institution.(The Bank)

    In the details of the transaction you can verify the complete information of the payment.

    If you have questions regarding online payment, you can contact our Customer Service team through the email  available on our platform.

  • No, it is not necessary to open account when ordering.Merchant can use the phone application, but will miss out on all the other free perks of the online delivery system. We will ask for some basic information at the time of payment to confirm the order and to better communicate with customer when necessary.

  • Just scan the QR CODE at the restaurant and save it on your phone, or go to the restaurant Website,Facebook or Instagram page and place the order. Choose your favorite dishes, choose your method of payment

  • Once the Payment is made, the receipt will be issue by the restaurant. and if was made by paying online, merchant will receive and digital receipt by text and/or email. Just contact the business from where the order was made to expedite, or customer will be able to track it from their phone or email.

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If you need more help

The best and more efficient way of comunication is by creating a service ticket